Data-driven decisions

Approach data differently. Let your data speak for itself and utilize it to discover hidden opportunities.


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No Expensive BI consultants
No Expensive BI consultants

BI specialists are hard to find and expensive, let our smart dashboards do the complex work for you.

No need for your own tech team
No need for your own tech team

Easy-to-use dashboards, no need for your own IT specialists.

Detailed profits information
Detailed profits information

Detailed KPI information like you have never seen before. Get everything out of your data.

Fast implementation cycle
Fast implementation cycle

Short implementation time, from start to development, to launch.

What do we do?

As most BI tools provide you tools that a BI specialist can utilize for their data analytics, we let your data tell YOU what is important.

The classic BI approach

Company purchases tool

A company purchases a BI tool like Microsoft Power BI and a license.

Company uses tool

Company uses their IT department to connect the data servers to the BI tool.

Tools are complicated

Tools are complicated and the company needs to hire a BI specialist to make sense of it.

BI specialist

A BI specialist gets be hired to set up the analytics dashboard to see preferred KPI’s. This is very costly.

Expensive licenses

Expensive license fees and BI tools are now a big burden for the company.

Our BI approach

Company contacts Crebos

Company contacts Crebos to get insights in their data.

Company requests

Company requests inisghts in their preferred KPI’s.

Crebos analyses

Crebos analyses the data with a short implementation trajectory.

Crebos generates dashboards

Crebos generates dashboards based on the KPI’s that are most important for the company.

No BI specialist is needed

No BI specialist is needed to give the most important information.



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